‘ The creative process gives me happiness and satisfaction. I sign my name with the spiral, a symbol for eternity. Life is eternal, and yet we are in this world to do something; to give birth to composition. ‘

Nouneh Sarkissian

The Bestselling Books


Two hard-working ants, a dog, a rhinoceros, and an elephant want to climb a tall straw column…


There are 365 seeds in a pomegranate. It was the 365 princesses who were turned into pomegranate seeds by the evil monster…

Dragon Nessy

Dragon Nessy lived in a Scottish town. She wanted to have beautiful red high heel shoes. There was no one who could…


Nouneh Sarkissian was born in Yerevan, Armenia. After graduating from Yerevan State University, she worked at the Matenadaran, one of the world’s premier research institutes of ancient manuscripts. In 1991 she moved with her family to London, where she obtained an MA in History of Art from Goldsmiths College.

In addition to writing prolifically on art, music and culture, Nouneh has published 19 books of stories for children. Her children’s books translated into Arabic, Italian, Georgian, Russian, and Ukrainian have gained huge popularity among young readers in Europe and beyond. In 2021, Book One of her The Adventures of Bluey and Pinky series was distinguished for excellence and nominated by the International Board on Books for Young People for the IBBY Honour list 2022 as an ‘outstanding book’. Her works have also been selected for inclusion among the top picture books chosen by librarians of the International Federation of Library Associations for the World Through Picture Books programme.

Nouneh Sarkissian lives in London.

New Releases

Emerald Scissors

Bluey and Pinky Go to School

Blessings from my readers

I love Nouneh’s books. I think the illustrations are super detailed describing the story perfectly for children over 3 years old. It is so nice to see such delicate artworks and efforts put into the writing. These books needs to be in every creative child’s book store for sure.


Dragon Nessy is a my grandaughter’s favorite book. Such a lovely story for young children. My almost 6 year old granddaughter absolutely loved it. The coloured illustrations are simply the best I have ever seen.


Best purchase yet! We have almost the full collection of Nouneh Sarkissian’s books. Best books for before bedtime. Not too long, not too short and just the right amount of intertwining dialogue to make your little one want to pay attention to the story. The Drawings are fantastic!

Fantastic educational books for children. They have a chance to learn important lessons in life to love, be loved, cleaning teeth, etc. Beautiful illustrations adding so much to this powerful messages from the author. My daughter asks me to read the books over and over again. Highly Recommended!

Art History

Fruition Through Complexity

by Nouneh Sarkissian

Arshile Gorky was born in 1904 to Shushanik and Sedrak Adoyan, in a little Armenian village of Khorkom near the city of Van, in the Ottoman Empire. Born as Vosdanig Adoyan, a name he later thought unsuitable. He changed it to Arshile Gorky, which to him sounded more artistic. Besides, gorky is the Russian word for ‘bitter’, a word defining his emotions and state of mind at that period.

My Art

Black and White & Something Else

Bordering on the verges of conceptual, representational and psychological pictorial approaches, Nouneh’s artistic process is wholly automatic and unhindered by intention or any conventional aesthetic. Rather, her method offers meaning in its honest and candid approach to expression and composition.

Salvador, the Seagull

News & Events

Conference on Women’s Empowerment

The wife of the President of Armenia Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian participated at the Women’s Empowerment in Afghanistan regional conference in Astana.

The wife of the President of Armenia Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian made a statement in which she stressed in particular the role of education and knowledge for the women’s empowerment in Afghanistan.