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Pearl / A fairy tale that happened indeed

This book is full of numerous adventures and magical characters. Pearl and her little friends – Professor Kaspar, Tumbletash, Ping and Pong, and Gerald, the Papoo, a fluffy white animal, set out on a quest to save the magic tools from evil Izzi Berton.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian

Three Dragons

Three brother dragons live together in a lake. The two elder brothers are mean and jealous. The little brother is kind and forgiving.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian, Artsakh dialect, Bayazet dialect

Dragon Nessie

There is the Dragon Nessie, who loved her Red Shoes, but her feet were too big for them. So she cried so much that her tears flooded the village where she lived, and therefore she lived under water. One day a cobbler made red shoes just for her and her tears subsided, as did the water and people came from far and wide to see her.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian, Western Armenian, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian


Two hard-working ants, a dog, a rhinoceros, and an elephant want to climb a tall straw column in order to reach the sun and become heroes.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian, Russian

The Seeds of Pomegranate

There are 365 seeds in a pomegranate. It was the 365 princesses who were turned into pomegranate seeds by the evil monster.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian, Russian, Artsakh dialect, Karin dialect, Bayazet dialect

The King and The Dragon

The huge tail of the Dragon was causing problems at the palace. The Dragon had to find a quick solution.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian, Russian, Italian, Karin dialect

How the Little Elephant Learnt to Breathe Properly

Fanto, the new-born elephant couldn’t breathe the correct way. The Old Man taught him how to breathe and how to wash with the help of the trunk.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian

The Bald Hedgehog

There is the story of the Baby Bald Hedgehog, who, yes, was born with no spikes.
All the villagers and animals rallied round to help him and with their friendship and the good food they found for him, he grew some spikes.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian, Western Armenian, Georgian, Artsakh dialect


In the forest there wasn’t any elephant, so the animals have made one and called it Ka-pikh-ka.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian, Artsakh

Davit, Hayk And Baziliscus

It is the story of two brothers and the Lizard World and how they save humanity from destruction.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian

The Magic Buttons

The International Conference of Wizards and Witches sabotaged! Izzi Berton has stolen all the magic from those attending, causing havoc everywhere. Can Pearl save the magic and cure the people from the terrible Blue Fever? Perhaps, with the help of small friends… This delightful tale of resourcefulness, courage and friendship will charm both children adults alike and introduce write of considerable imagination and verve.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian, Western Armenian, English, Arabic

Jerome The Gnome (Tzouk Mzouk)

This is a story about an evil dwarf and princess Nushik, who does everything for the king to save her grandfather. She goes to the forest to look for herbs and meets the evil dwarf Mzuk. He likes to do magic and, especially, to destroy the good things of the forest. Seeing Nushik’s sincere tears, his heart softens and he helps Nushik find the herb.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian, Western Armenian, Georgian, Artsakh dialect

The Adventures of Bluey And Pinky

Meet Bluey and Pinky – a big blue hippopotamus and  a small pink mouse. They live in a zoo run by Mr Square, but one day when  they have the chance to move into a new house and be part of a family, they find out there is a lot to learn! But with love and lessons from their new Mama and Papa, their wonderful adventures can begin…

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian, English, Italian, Arabic

Anteaters /How it turned so bad for ants

A long time ago, Shushus, long-bodied creatures with furry tails, clawed claws, and sharp and white teeth, lived in the forest. But the intelligence and thought of the Shushus was to have a sumptuous breakfast with sweet sweets, delicious roots and young branches, and they do not listen to Dr. Badger.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian

Emerald Scissors

Sadap Darzi is a bright and intelligent twelve-year-old girl. She dreams of changing the world. On an ordinary day, before going to school, Sadap meets a golden dragon named Karkandak… Very soon it turns out that in Crystalburg, the town of witches and wizards, they are anxiously waiting for Sadap. The right balance of good and evil in the world has been disturbed, and it can only be restored with the help of Sadap Darzi…

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian

Bluey and Pinky go to school

The continuation of ‘The Adventures of Bluey and Pinky’

The mischievous blue hippopotamus Bluey and the squishy pink mouse Pinky start going to school after meeting the school principal Miss Violet. In this book, you will find out what interesting adventures the hippopotamus and the mouse have at school, what happens to Miss Violet in the Zambezi River, and how happy the tale of Bluey and Pinky ends.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian

Bluey and Pinky Go to School – Book 2

Miss Violet, the headmistress of a school insists that Bluey, the blue hippopotamus and Pinky, the pink mouse start lessons at her school. Bluey and Pinky liked the school and their classmates and even Miss Violet from whom they were so scared at first.

Languages / Dialects Available: English

New Adventures of Bluey and Pinky – Book 3

An exciting boat trip on the river Zambezi and a very unpleasant punishment for leaving home without asking, taught Bluey and Pinky more about life. 

Languages / Dialects Available: English

The Bald Hedgehog

Children’s most favourite story ‘The Bald Hedgehog’ has been published in English in 2024 by ‘NOUR Publishing’ in the United Arab Emirates.

Languages / Dialects Available: English, Armenian, Western Armenian, Georgian, Artsakh dialect

The Mystery of the Magic Buttons

Nouneh’s ‘The Magic Buttons’ has been published in English by ‘Red Panda’ of Westland books in India in 2023. Available as ebook too.

Languages / Dialects Available: Armenian, Western Armenian, English, Arabic