Children are my little muses: spouse of the President Nouneh Sarkissian published a new book for kids

Spouse of the President Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian on December 19 was hosted at the Zangak publishing house where she presented her new book and met with little readers. “Magic Buttons” is the second edition of “Sadap: a fairytale which came true” book which was published in Yerevan in 2005. The tale is about an eight-year old girl Sadap Darzi who wants to rid the world off all problems.

“I believe our kids have the same nature. Our Armenian kids want to save the world, to make it peaceful, clean, with pristine nature, and the people living in harmony and peace. This is the principle our kids are guided with, and I have conveyed in my book exactly that, trying to pass that inspiration to little readers,” Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian said in her conversation with the journalists.

The book tells also how important family is in the life of children. “Strong families, children’s attachment to the members of the family is important, and I want to convey to our children how important families are in the life of each kid,” Nouneh Sarkissian underscored.

The spouse of the President of Armenia, who has been recently appointed by the UNICEF an extraordinary defender of children’s rights, speaks of children as her little muses. “Children are the source of my ideas. I learn from them, take ideas from them. Little ones are still immaculate and innocent and their thoughts and ideas are very close to the nature. I take every chance to interact and converse with them,” Nouneh Sarkissian said.

According to the Director of the “Zangak” publishing house Emin Mkrtchian, cooperation with Nouneh Sarkissian has begun this year and this is already the third published book.

In the framework of the event, an excerpt from the “Magic Buttons” was performed. The performing actors were the little readers of Yerevan’s N. 32 secondary school library.