Create fairytales and publish them: Spouse of the President of Armenia Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian presented to kids her and her granddaughter’s book

Spouse of the President of Armenia Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian at the Abovian branch of the Zangak publishing house presented to little readers and their parents the Armenian version of her and her granddaughter Savanna’s book titled “The adventures of the blue hippo and pink mouse.” Nouneh Sarkissian told how the tale was created, read an excerpt from the book and responded to the questions of the young readers.

“When Savanna was three years old, she asked me to tell her a story, and we started to create fairytales. At that time, we didn’t think we would write a book one day,” Mrs. Sarkissian told and added, “One day, Savanna suggested we make a book of our stories. I encouraged her to draw pictures for the book. I chose the animals, Savanna chose their names. You too, create stories and publish them,” Nouneh Sarkissian said addressing the kids and advised their parents to reveal their children’s talents from the early age.

“Encourage them, so that our kids don’t forget about arts,” she said. Excited children told Mrs. Sarkissian what kind of stories they would like to write. Nouneh Sarkissian informed that together with Savanna they’ve started works on the second book but didn’t give the details of the story. Editor of the children’s literature department of the Zangak publishing house Alvard Jivanian noted that she was impressed with Mrs. Sarkissian’s and Savanna’s book because they were able “present with care children’s mischiefs.”

“All our children are making drawings on the walls but not all of us notice it. Mrs. Sarkissian saw that and put down with the greatest care,” 
the representative of the Zangak said and expressed hope that cooperation with Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian would be a lasting one.