Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian remotely discussed with young readers her “Magic Buttons” book: Never despair in difficult situations

The Zangak publishing house has initiated a series of webinars with the participation of the spouse of the President of Armenia Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian during which the kids in the format of a direct conversation will discuss the books written by Mrs. Sarkissian for kids.

In this framework, Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian discussed with children her “Magic Buttons” book. In the course of the discussion she also responded to the questions of the 5 to 10 year-old readers.

The “Magic Button” is the second edition of the “Sadap: a fairytale which really happened” book published in Yerevan in 2005. The book is about a ten-year old girl, Sadap Darzy who wanted to rid the world of all problems.

Children participating to the discussions first presented their ideas on the fight between the good and the evil and then told episodes from the book. The purpose of this webinar was to encourage the kids to express their thoughts liberally, learn to reason, to do teamwork, and to tell the good from the bad in accordance with the perceptions of their age group.

Responding to the questions of the kids, Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian underscored that it is necessary to have good friends, to be kind and caring toward people, and try to help them. She informed that the book would have a sequel and another of her books, “The Ants” would be published soon. Mrs. Sarkissian was very impressed with the children’s responses and their works – toys made of plastecine and buttons resembling the characters of the book, and pictures. Noting that it looks like the events of the book resonated with the today’s pandemic, Mrs. Sarkissian urged the kids to be more attentive and careful and observe the rules of hygiene.

Responding to the question on the Clean Town described in her book, she said in particular, “I dream of the day when our Yerevan becomes as clean as the Clean Town. Let’s keep our home clean, our entryway, our backyard, our street.”

With the anticipation that these meetings would continue, Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian wished the kids jolly and healthy summer and urged them to read books. “Never despair in difficult situations because you’re strong and smart Armenian kids,” Nouneh Sarkissian said.