“The Bald Hedgehog” ballet is being prepared for staging. Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian was present at the rehearsal of her fairy tale

The RA President’s wife Nouneh Sarkissian attended the rehearsal of a children’s ballet based on her fairy tale “The Bald Hedgehog” at the Yerevan State Dance College.

The idea of the ballet belongs to Mrs. Sarkissian. It is a charity project, and all participants work for free, including costume designer Aigana Gali (London). The staging is carried out mainly with the participation of children and teenagers. In particular, the author of the music is 15-year-old Grigor Balasanyan, the author of the performance is Vahé Babajanyan, a teacher at the Yerevan State Dance College.

The recorded music was performed by the State Symphony Orchestra of Armenia under the direction of conductor Sergey Smbatyan.

The upcoming performance as a children’s ballet is unprecedented in the Armenian reality, since it is intended for the smallest. “There is little children’s repertory in ballet. That is why there has always been a need for such an initiative. We are sure that our audience will like the ballet very much,” said Hasmik Markosyan, Deputy Director of the Yerevan State Dance College, adding that the children take part in the rehearsals with great enthusiasm and look forward to performing on stage. By the way, the dancers are the pupils of the college, aged from six to eighteen.

After the rehearsal, Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian thanked the participants for the work done and wished them success.